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Do You Need Therapy?

Do You Need Therapy? Download my free assessment! + Access to weekly self-care, wellness, and mental health tips and freebies! Download The Assessment If You Have Been Wondering Whether Or Not You Need Therapy, Keep Reading: The attitude that people

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Get Your Free Anxiety Toolkit!

Tackle Your Anxiety Today Using Step-By-Step Methods: Have you tried to cope with your anxiety on your own but it is just not working?  Maybe you have tried self-care, meditation, relaxation techniques, talking to friends, etc…  It is possible that

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Is Your Smartphone Making You Anxious?

Your Smartphone and It’s Influence On Your Mental Health: Smartphones are ubiquitous nowadays.  I’m sure you will be hard-pressed to find somebody who does not have a smartphone.  They have become our primary form of communication, socialization, and entertainment.  Smartphones

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Is Your Relationship Healthy?

What Is Healthy Communication In A Relationship? Relationships can be difficult.  They can also be very rewarding.  Communication is the foundation of any relationship, whether it is a relationship with a significant other, parent, child, friend, family member, or coworker. 

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Get To The Root Of Your Anxiety

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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and I am passionate about helping people live more fulfilling, stress-free lives.  This blog is written with the intention of helping guide your life towards a brighter path. Topics include stress-relief tips, anxiety, mindfulness, self-improvement, mental health, self-care, and anything and everything to help you become more aware and live your best life!



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