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Tatiana Garcia, LPC

Hey there!  I’m Tatiana Garcia, and I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor in New Jersey.  I’m passionate about helping ambitious professionals decrease anxiety and create calm and balance in their lives.

I used to struggle with high-functioning anxiety.  I had been successful at pushing through my anxiety, self-doubt, and insecurity to get good grades, do well at work, and move up the ladder.  But at a certain point it wasn’t working anymore, and I reached a point of burnout from neglecting my mental health and self-care.

I know how important it is to get to the root of your struggles when you struggle with anxiety, and how important self-care and balance are to living a fulfilling life and having a successful career.

I’m passionate about helping you reconnect with yourself and learning how to heal from within.

Online anxiety therapy for adults in New Jersey
Online anxiety therapy for adults in New Jersey

I strive to guide you towards a life of calm and balance.

I believe that each and every person has the capacity for growth, improvement, and fulfillment in their lives.  My hope is to help you through these challenging times so that you can feel calmer and achieve balance in your life.

I know it’s possible to have relief from anxiety and high-functioning anxiety, and I want to help you understand exactly how it can be done.  I do this by providing compassionate, non-judgmental support, along with education on techniques and skills grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, and Positive Psychology.

Online anxiety therapy for adults in New Jersey


My Professional Background and Qualifications

I hold a Master of Arts degree in Forensic Mental Health Counseling from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Psychology and Criminal Justice from Rutgers University.

My ten years of experience working in the field of mental health includes my previous work in mental health agencies assisting adults, children, and families from diverse backgrounds.  I originally began working in the criminal justice field assisting victims of trauma, and I have a background in trauma-informed approaches, including Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Processing Therapy.  Additionally, I have training in Structural Family Therapy and will utilize both of these modalities, when appropriate, in my individual sessions.

My current expertise is helping ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs find relief from anxiety, including social anxiety, burnout, and high-functioning anxiety.

My Interests

When I’m not meeting with clients, I love reading thrillers, personal development, and business books.  I enjoy going for hikes in the mountains, spending time with friends and family, doing anything creative, and watching Gilmore Girls on repeat!

Online anxiety therapy for adults in New Jersey


"My anxiety has decreased so much! Life changing and just what I needed! I feel like a new person!”

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Your journey begins here.

You don’t have to do this on your own.  Schedule your first appointment now so you can start the path towards healing and relief.

Online Anxiety Therapy for Adults in New Jersey