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Frequently Asked Questions

The first session after the consultation will be 60 minutes. Each session after that will be 45-50 minutes.

I am an out of network provider. This means that you will pay me directly for services and I can submit the paperwork to your insurance company so you can receive any reimbursement that they may provide. I will submit all the necessary paperwork to do this, and your insurance provider will reimburse you directly.

It is important that you get answers to the following questions from your insurance provider prior to our first session in order to fully understand what your costs will be.

Prior to the initial session, please call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask the following questions:

  • Does my plan cover mental health services?

  • What is the rate of reimbursement for an out-of-network provider (i.e., what is the co-insurance rate)?

  • What is the amount of my out-of-network deductible?

  • How much remains to meet my deductible for the year? When does it reset?

  • Is pre-authorization needed for mental health services (specifically, for initial evaluation and individual therapy)?

  • Is there a yearly session limit?

Using your out-of-network insurance benefits with me:

  • Because I do not accept your insurance benefits directly, you will pay the full fee for each session at the time of service.

  • I provide courtesy billing and will submit all the necessary paperwork directly to your insurance provider. They will then reimburse you directly.

  • You will receive an “Explanation of Benefits” (EOB) from your insurance company.

  • If you remain in treatment until the time that your deductible resets (usually January 1 of each year), you will again need to satisfy your deductible in order to use your insurance benefits.

  • If you are billed for a missed session (session missed or cancelled within 24 hours of appointment), a claim will not be submitted to your insurance as insurance does not pay for missed sessions. You will be personally responsible for the full fee.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this information. I am happy to help you get any reimbursement that is available to you.

My services are $165 for the intake session and $140 for each session thereafter.  I can provide you with documentation to obtain reimbursement if you have out-of-network benefits.

I accept credit, debit, and HSA/FSA cards for payment.

Please contact me via the form above to request a free 15-minute phone consultation prior to scheduling an appointment.  I will respond to your request within 2 business days.  During the initial consultation, I will ask you questions as well as provide you with information to determine if my services are the right fit for you.  If my services are not the right fit for you, I will provide you with referral resources, if available.

We will meet via a secure, browser-based video conferencing program that you can access on any of your devices (phone, tablet, computer).  Please ensure that you have a quiet, confidential place to meet during our scheduled sessions.  This can be at home, at your office at work, or some of my clients even prefer to meet in their car when it is parked in a safe location!

This would be determined based on your specific needs, but typically we would begin by meeting once weekly, and then we can discuss decreasing sessions to every other week or once monthly depending on your progress.

I am only licensed to meet with individuals for therapy in New Jersey.

It’s important to feel comfortable with your therapist, that’s why we will have a consultation call to determine if we are a good fit for each other.

Optional text message reminders are sent a day in advance to remind you of scheduled appointments.  Cancellations and re-scheduled sessions will be subject to a $75 fee if not received at least 24 hours in advance. This is necessary because a time commitment is made to you and is held exclusively for you. If you are late for a session, you will lose that session time.

Online Anxiety Therapy for Adults in New Jersey