Anxiety can feel debilitating and can make it difficult to feel focused and fully present.  It is possible to treat and significantly reduce feelings of anxiety.  I can help you identify the root of your anxiety and learn skills so that you can prevent future episodes and feel more calm.

Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed can lead to emotions of frustration and helplessness.  You may feel as though you are constantly stuck in the past or planning for the future.  This can cause you to feel more irritable, keyed up, and exhausted.  I can help you learn information, skills, and habits to help you decrease stress and improve your perception.

Having a full-time career or being an entrepreneur can be mentally taxing.  If you feel as though you have difficulty balancing your professional and personal life, it is possible to refocus.  Maybe you are not sure what career is right for you, or you are not happy with your current job.  Using a goal-oriented approach, I can help you identify the blocks that are preventing you from fully living the life you deserve.

How Does It Work?

Easy Scheduling

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I offer meetings in-person at my office in Carlstadt, NJ.
I also offer online sessions if you live anywhere in New Jersey.

Productive Sessions

We will come up with a plan based on your needs and specific circumstances to help you feel more calm, less stressed, and/or more motivated to make changes (these are just some examples of goals). I will check in with you regularly during session and provide feedback regarding your progress.


In addition to guiding you in accomplishing your goals, I will educate you on the relevant psychological, biological, and scientific research related to your area of concern. I don't over-complicate things, I present facts in a way that is easy to understand and informative.

Effective Methods

I aim to provide you with the tools to make decisions and cope with stress beyond our weekly sessions and well into the future. I use elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Solution-Focused Therapy.