Anxiety Therapy

Through private online anxiety therapy for adults in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you can learn how to decrease your anxiety, manage difficult emotions, and process whatever is holding you back.

Are you looking for support to manage your anxiety?

Anxiety can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable.  You might worry about the bad things that could happen, constantly plan scenarios out in your head, or try to plan your life to prevent bad things from happening.  But no matter what you do, you still feel anxious.

It feels as though you cannot turn off the incessant thinking, panic, worry, and overwhelm.  Sometimes your anxiety can feel like you have difficulty breathing, problems with digestion, panic attacks, increased heart rate, numbness and any number of uncomfortable physical sensations.

Maybe you have just tried to ignore it, but you still cannot shake these difficult thoughts and feelings. 

Online anxiety therapy for adults in New Jersey

Do you need online anxiety therapy?

You’re tired of having your thoughts and worries control you.  You avoid or overthink things because of your fear.

Anxiety symptoms can range from mild to severe, and can impact different people in different ways. 

A little bit of anxiety can be helpful to assist you in preparing for a stressful event like an exam or a presentation.  But when anxiety is recurring and interferes with your daily life, such as work, school, or your personal life, then it is considered an anxiety disorder.

Relief from anxiety is possible, and online anxiety therapy for adults in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, can help you heal from and cope with an anxiety disorder.

How can anxiety therapy help you?

When you begin online anxiety therapy, you can start facing your fears, identifying the root of your anxiety, and discover the path to a calm, more joyful life.

I can help you understand and identify the root cause of your fears, avoidance, and negative coping behaviors.  You can have a healthier and more optimistic outlook for your life.

You can have a renewed perception, feel more gratitude for your life, and have more focus, direction, and improved relationships with the people in your life.

Sometimes the hardest thing is taking the first step towards change and improvement.

I can guide you so that taking that first step easier.


What methods do you use for online anxiety therapy?

By taking the first step and contacting me, I can help you understand how you can:

  • Identify the root causes of your anxiety that keep you stuck in a cycle of negativity.
  • Change your perception and thinking patterns to feel more optimistic and hopeful.
  • See open doors in your future instead of closed ones.
  • Accept the uncomfortable moments in your life so they are more tolerable.
  • Find healthy coping behaviors that nourish you.


I do this using a compassionate, non-judgmental approach as well as proven, evidence-based methods including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Mindfulness, Mindful Self-Compassion, Positive Psychology, and Exposure Therapy.

You have already been struggling to find help and feel better, let me make it easier for you to take the first step towards improvement.

Tatiana Garcia, LPC
Brighter Path Counseling

Meet the therapist

Tatiana Garcia, LPC

Tatiana Garcia is a Licensed Professional Counselor in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  She is passionate about helping ambitious professionals decrease anxiety and create calm and balance in their lives.

Tatiana has 13+ years of experience working in the field of mental health supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds, occupations, and mental health struggles.

Tatiana strongly believes that you don’t have to sacrifice yourself to succeed.

Online anxiety therapy for adults in New Jersey


Your journey begins here.

You don’t have to do this on your own.  Schedule a free 15-minute consultation call now so you can start the path towards healing and relief.