You deserve to feel calmer from within.

Online individual therapy for adults in New Jersey

Tatiana Garcia, LPC

I help high-achieving professionals, students, and entrepreneurs feel calm, balanced, and confident from within without sacrificing their ambition.

Does this sound like you?

You’re hard working, successful, and appear calm and put-together on the outside, but you feel overwhelmed on the inside.

You often feel exhausted, stressed, and have difficulty relaxing. The idea of work-life balance seems impossible and elusive.

Your mind races with the tasks on your never-ending to-do list, worries about the future, and self-doubt.

You put so much pressure on yourself and often strive for perfection, and you still feel as though you’re falling short and it’s never good enough.  It’s difficult for you to ask for help and say no to others, and you keep working hoping that at some point you will finally be able to rest and slow down.

You so badly want to relax and take a break, but you’re afraid if you stop, or even slow down, then things will fall apart. This then turns into a vicious cycle of overwhelm, frustration, and exhaustion.

Your anxiety keeps you up at night worrying about the worst and it’s getting old.

Maybe you feel like there is something wrong with you for feeling the way they do. You worry what others would think of you and worry that seeking out help would be considered a weakness.

You deserve to feel calmer from within so you can manage stress and anxiety in a healthy way.

Feeling more at ease, more confident, and having improved balance in your life is not out of your reach.

If you want to heal from within and get to the root of your struggles so that your success and achievement on the outside match how you feel from within I’d love to help you get there.

I know how challenging and overwhelming it can feel, and I want to provide you with a safe space to feel heard and supported, along with the education and guidance you need to make long-term positive changes in your life.

We can do this by working together via online therapy so you can get the support you need in the convenience of your own home.

Schedule an appointment today so we can talk more about how I can support you. 

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Your journey begins here.

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Online Anxiety Therapy for Adults in New Jersey