Stress Management

Is stress taking over your life?  Do you feel like your mood is dictated by how much you have on your to-do list?

It may feel as though you are running on a treadmill going nowhere.  The more you get done, the more there is to do.

And the more you have to do, the less time you have to do anything that you really want to do.

Maybe you have experienced a major life change that you are having difficulty adjusting to- a new job, graduating college, marriage, or having a child.

Your thoughts can certainly cause you to be stressed as well.  Are you constantly putting yourself down or putting too much pressure on yourself?  This alone can make you feel so much more stressed.

Are you tired of constantly running in place?

Are you tired of overreacting to the everyday stressors that you experience?


The Consequences of Chronic Stress

Constantly stressing yourself can cause more than just the uncomfortable feelings you experience.

Chronic stress leads to an increase in stress hormones, and a cycle of negative thinking and emotions.

Biologically, chronic stress leads to imbalances in the body that result in chronic inflammation.

“Diseases whose development has been linked to both stress and inflammation include cardiovascular dysfunctions, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune syndromes and mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders.”

Are you willing to risk both your mental health and your physical health?

Do you want to continue living your life in this never-ending cycle of stress and overwhelm?

Are you doing any of the following to manage your stress?

  • Overworking
  • Filling up your time with busyness
  • Eating for comfort
  • Using drugs or alcohol
  • Smoking cigarettes/vaping

These ways of coping may provide you with a source of distraction and temporary relief, but they do not treat the source of the stress that you will continue to experience.

Every person experiences stress, but it is not the stress itself that is that problem. It is the way you choose to perceive the stress that causes you to feel as if there is no way out, that there is no relief.

I can help you change the way you perceive the stress in your life. I can help you understand what exactly is causing your stress and find a way to reduce your stress levels and enjoy your life.

How Can I Help?

After you take the first step and contacting me, I can help you understand how you can:

  • Identify and change the negative beliefs that keep you feeling over-stressed and helpless.
  • Respond thoughtfully to the stressors in your life instead of reacting immediately out of emotion and frustration.
  • Implement self-care practices that help you feel better and nourish your mind and body.
  • Take actionable steps towards changing your circumstances- if that is what you are looking to do.

It is possible for you to feel more optimistic and hopeful with your life just by changing your perception.

I want to help you do this because I know how freeing it can be.

Using components of Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy it is possible to feel more joyful and live with less stress.

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