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My Top Resources For Coping With Anxiety: Every single person is different, and each person’s experience with anxiety is different. That’s why it is amazing

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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and I am passionate about helping people live more fulfilling, stress-free lives.  This blog is written with the intention of helping guide your life towards a brighter path. Topics include stress-relief tips, anxiety, mindfulness, self-improvement, mental health, self-care, and anything and everything to help you become more aware and live your best life!

1 month ago
Having an idea of the physical cues that you personally experience can help you have awareness when anxiety is hijacking your brain and your thoughts. Those anxious thoughts are not you and they are not facts.
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1 month ago
You are not the lies you tell yourself. Self-doubt keeps us stuck- learn 3 ways to finally overcome your self-doubt. #selfdoubt #positivity


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